Ucrystal.com is a registered website of Rainbow Gifts company. We have over a decade of experience in the business and countless satisfied customers. We specialize in custom laser crystal engraving, also known as personalized laser photo crystal engraving, it is an elegant way of combining advanced laser technology with the art of photography. The resulting product is a personalized image permanently etched inside a crystal.

Laser crystal engraving technology is made possible by the recent advancements of green semiconductor diode-pumped laser, image enhancement software, and precision computer machine control. This is further facilitated by the availability of high-quality laser crystals.

With extensive experience and training in advanced laser technology, computer-aided machine control, and technical photography, our team is well suited in the delivery of state of the art laser photo crystal engraving services. We aspire to become the best in class and have passion for achieving the highest level of excellence. We strive to earn your satisfaction. Your trust is the only way our company grows and is successful.

We have been providing custom crystal plaques and awards to companies and organizations such as:

Cisco Systems, KLA-Tencor, Motorola, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Amcor, BlueCross BlueShield of Delaware, The Hartford, American School for the Deaf, Legal Professionals of Tennessee (TALS), MM Ventures, EHCCO, Massachusetts State Police, FireEye, Inc., National Research Council of Canada, Hispana Leadership Summit, Atieva, Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, GE Aviation, St. Jude Medical, Samsung, La Mer, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR, Motorola,NXP Semiconductors etc.

These businesses and organizations demand high quality engraved crystal plaques and awards at low prices, which is exactly what we do for you at Ucrystal.

Located in San Jose, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, we serve customers in the United States and beyond.

Act today and give us a try! If you email us your photo, we will provide for you a no-obligation crystal layout to take a look. Your laser crystal engraving journey starts here!

Cisco 3D Plaque
KLA Tencor Engraved crystal plaque
amcor engraved corporate wards
Blue Shield 3D crystal awards
Legal Professional crystal awards
MM Venture executive plaques
Fire Eye top sales awards
GE engraved crystal plaque
Samsung 3D crystal awards
St. Jude corporate crytal plaques
ASD crystal plaques and awards
Hilton Hotel crystal awards
Hispana Leadership Summit crystal awards
La Mer corporate crystal plaques awards
hartford engraved crystal plaques
SAME DEUTZ FAHR laser engraved retirement crystal award
Atieva engraved crystal plaques
Motorola 3D cube awards
NXP laser engraved crystal plaques

Ucrystal.com is a registered website of Rainbow Gifts company. We specialize in 2D or 3D custom photo crystal engraving. We are located in San Jose, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. We provide custom photo crystal engraving services to customers in the United States and beyond.

By fusing the state of the art advanced laser technology with high-purity photo crystals, we combine the high-tech tradition of the Silicon Valley with the modern art of digital photography to bring you the elegance of custom photo crystal engraving. Traditional print photographs can also be easily laser etched into the crystals once digitized by a photo scanner.

Laser photo crystal engraving is also known as sub-surface laser photo crystal engraving, photo laser crystal etching, and photo crystal inner laser engraving.

In our custom photo crystal engraving machines, a diode-pumped semiconductor Nd:YVO4 laser produces a high intensity green laser beam (wavelength at 532nm), which is focused into a transparent laser crystal (made of high purity BK7 crystal or equivalent). At its focal point inside the laser crystal, the laser beam intensity is high enough to cause a structural change so a point is marked permanently. By marking and connecting many dots through precision computer machine control, a complete image is formed inside the photo crystal while its surface remains unaltered and smooth.

2D laser photo crystal engraving is often referred to as 2.5D laser photo crystal engraving. It can be done directly from digital photographs or scanned prints. Even though the original photographs are always 2D, the Laser etched photos inside the crystals are always 2.5D due to added depth (or layers) during engraving.

3D laser photo crystal engraving can be done once the photographs are converted from 2D to 3D by our artists. It is best used for head engraving.

Knowingly or not, we use lasers already in many ways such as long-distance communications, metal-welding, vision correction, and defense. 3D photo crystal engraving is another wonder laser technology gives us! Unlike photo printing, the photo crystal etching process does not use any chemicals nor produces any waste. It is truly a green process.

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