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Led Light Base for Crystal, Lighted Base

We carry premier quality LED light base for crystal. The electrical adaptor, with universal voltage (100-240V), can be used around the world.

We have light emitting diode (LED) light bases and crystal rotary light bases to help you display and enhance your 2D or 3D laser engraved photo crystals, glass sculptures, glass art or Swarovski figurines. These light display stands (also called rotary light base, crystal light stands, or lighted bases) make the laser etched crystals more eye-catching and elegant. Most of these light bases for crystals have mirror top surface, and the LED light display stands come in either white color or multi-color. The white color crystal light bases deliver constant light intensity while the multi-colored crystal light bases show rotating color with changing intensity. The light bases for crystals are suitable for both home uses and public display. These crystal light bases can be either operated with a wall adaptor, batteries, or both. Please click individual crystal light bases for details.

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