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We custom engrave images (photos, logos, and text) into high-quality crystals using advanced laser photo crystal engraving technologies. You send us the photos you like; we etch them inside beautiful laser crystals while keeping the surface unchanged (this is also referred to as sub-surface laser crystal engraving). We have proudly served many top US companies and organizations with engraved crystal plaques, engraved crystal awards, corporate crystal gifts, and corporate recognition plaques and awards in addition to meeting the needs of countless individuals.

Inside our laser crystal engraving machines, high intensity laser beam is focused into a transparent crystal. At its focal point, the laser beam intensity is high enough to cause a structural change so a point is marked permanently. In the beam path, the light intensity is not enough to cause any changes. By marking and connecting many dots through computer control, a complete image is formed inside a crystal while its surface remains unaltered and smooth.

Unlike photo printing, the laser crystal engraving process does not use any chemicals nor produce any wastes. It is truly a green process.
2D (dimension) objects are those on a flat surface such as a photo or a painting. In other words, they do not have any depth. 3D objects are something more 'real' such as a sculpture or a statue that you can view from the front, side, and back.

In 2D laser crystal engraving, a certain depth is added to the original 2D photo, which is then engraved into a crystal with multiple layers. Even though the final image in the crystal is still 2D, the added depth makes the image look more vivid. Therefore, it is sometime called 2.5D laser crystal engraving. All our 2D laser crystal engravings are done using as many as eight layers to enhance the final image contrast.

As for 3D laser crystal engraving, things are a little more complicated. There are two ways to do it: (1) using software to convert images from 2D to 3D by our artists, and (2) using a special 3D camera to capture real 3D images from several angles.

Transparent color images in crystals are made by image printing and gluing of separate crystal pieces. They are nice, but the color images can fade and the glue can come apart over time.

Laser crystal engraving starts with a blank crystal specially made for laser engraving, and the image is engraved inside the crystal using advanced laser crystal engraving technology. No surface damage is present. The laser crystal is still one piece after the photo engraving. Moreover, the image detail, vivacity, and durability are unparalleled.

No, our laser engraved images are INSIDE the crystals. Unless specially requested, the engraved images are always in the center of the crystals. They look to be “floating” inside the crystals. Please do not confuse our sub-surface laser crystal engraving with conventional laser surface engraving. In the case of conventional laser surface engraving, inexpensive CO2 lasers are used and the technique is relatively simple. In our sub-surface laser crystal engraving, we use high-powered semiconductor green lasers and the engraving machine must have precise control over three-dimensions so that points can be marked on the x-y plane to form the images and along z-direction to add depth and contrast.

The laser engraved image shows up in white over the highly transparent laser crystal background. Therefore, the best way to look at a laser engraved photo is to have something dark behind the crystal. This way, the transparent background can show up as a darker contrast.

The visual effects of the engraved laser photo crystals can be improved by using proper crystal light bases or turntables, through which image contrast enhancement can be achieved. We have suitable light bases available for every crystal for purchase.

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Our crystals are carefully crafted and polished to ensure our personalized gift quality. In order to safeguard our reputation, we only use high-quality crystals for your 2D / 3d photo crystal engraving needs.

With extensive experience and training in advanced laser technology, computer-aided machine control, and technical photography, our team is best suited to deliver the state of the art laser photo crystal engraving services. We aspire to become the best in class and are passionate about achieving the highest level of excellence. We constantly strive to earn your satisfaction. Your trust is the only way for our company to prosper and grow. Please read our CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS for your reference.

Engraving is expected to be done within 2-5 business days. Delivery by USPS Priority Mail (our default delivery method) is about 2-3 days according to USPS. For multiple quantity orders, we may use FedEx ground. Please check the Shipping/Handling section for details. 3D engraving requires some extra time for the 2D to 3D conversion process.

We have proudly served customers not only from California but also from all over the United States and numerous countries in the world. No matter you you live, we strive to meet your laser crystal engraving needs. Our domestic customers have come from as far as Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. For international orders, we require payment through PayPal and charge separate shipping fees.

Many of our customers are referred to us by previous customers. We also have many repeat customers that come back to us again year after year. This is why we take our services and product quality very seriously. A number of customers have told us that they first saw sub-surface 3D laser crystal engraving in places like Las Vegas and Atlanta and were very impressed. They found us on the web once they were back at home.

Gladly! We have served many top American companies and organizations with their needs for engraved crystal plaques, etched crystal awards, employee crystal service awards, corporate crystal recognition plaques, engraved crystal patent plaques, and engraved employee retirement keepsakes. Our personalized laser crystal engraving has been trusted by many Fortune500 companies and cherished by their valuable employees and customers.

In case you haven't found the answer to your question, please feel free to Contact Us, our customer support will be happy to help you. is a registered website of Rainbow Gifts company. We specialize in 2D or 3D custom photo crystal engraving. We are located in San Jose, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. We provide custom photo crystal engraving services to customers in the United States and beyond.

By fusing the state of the art advanced laser technology with high-purity photo crystals, we combine the high-tech tradition of the Silicon Valley with the modern art of digital photography to bring you the elegance of custom photo crystal engraving. Traditional print photographs can also be easily laser etched into the crystals once digitized by a photo scanner.

Laser photo crystal engraving is also known as sub-surface laser photo crystal engraving, photo laser crystal etching, and photo crystal inner laser engraving.

In our custom photo crystal engraving machines, a diode-pumped semiconductor Nd:YVO4 laser produces a high intensity green laser beam (wavelength at 532nm), which is focused into a transparent laser crystal (made of high purity BK7 crystal or equivalent). At its focal point inside the laser crystal, the laser beam intensity is high enough to cause a structural change so a point is marked permanently. By marking and connecting many dots through precision computer machine control, a complete image is formed inside the photo crystal while its surface remains unaltered and smooth.

2D laser photo crystal engraving is often referred to as 2.5D laser photo crystal engraving. It can be done directly from digital photographs or scanned prints. Even though the original photographs are always 2D, the laser etched photos inside the crystals are always 2.5D due to added depth (or layers) during engraving.

3D laser photo crystal engraving can be done once the photographs are converted from 2D to 3D by our artists. It is best used for head portrait engraving.

Whether you realize it or not, we already use lasers in many ways such as long-distance communication, metal-welding, vision correction, and defense. 3D photo crystal engraving is just another wonder laser technology gives us! Unlike photo printing, the photo crystal etching process does not use any chemicals nor produces any waste. It is truly a green process.

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