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3D diamond block photo crystal - XL

3D block laser engraved photo crystal - XL
laser etched 3D photo crystal, 3D crystal block  XL 1
3D photo crystal, 3D crystal block XL 2
3D laser photo crystal, 3D crystal block XL 3
3D laser photo crystal, 3D crystal block XL 4
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We will email the layout for approval in 24 hours if you ordered crystal.
  $331.65 $198.99
2D / 3D Price Chart:
2D 2D/3D 3D Heads 3D Type 3D Price Sub Total
$198.99 2D 0 $0.00 $198.99
$198.99 3D 1 head shot $18.00 $216.99
$198.99 3D 2 head shots $36.00 $234.99
$198.99 3D 3 head shots $54.00 $252.99
$198.99 3D 4 head shots $72.00 $270.99
$198.99 3D 5 head shots $90.00 $288.99
$198.99 3D 6 head shots $108.00 $306.99
$198.99 3D 1 full body $50.00 $248.99
$198.99 3D 2 full bodies $75.00 $273.99
$198.99 3D 3 full bodies $100.00 $298.99

This extra large 3D photo crystal block can be used for custom 3D photo crystal gifts. It is also popular as a corporate crystal engraved award and plaque. This 3D crystal block is 2-inches thick, and is designed for your wedding photo crystal package with a beautiful light base. You can choose the 15 LED light stands when the laser crystal block is used in landscape or the 12 LED light stands if you prefer the photo engraving in portrait. The 3D photo crystal engraving example in landscape used the couple’s wedding photo and their 50 year anniversary photo. Even though life may be full of ups and downs, their love and care for each other help them overcome difficulties and enable them to share happiness. We wish them long and joyful golden years ahead. On the other hand, the 3D laser engraved crystal example in portrait shows a happy young couple with an infant. Family life just started for them. We wish them a long and happy life together, just like the older couple.

Your selection is: 2D crystal engraving
  • Size: 6" width x 4" height x 2" thickness.
  • OK for either portrait or landscape engraving.
  • Ideal for 3D (we convert your flat photo into three-dimension with depth) photo engraving with additional cost.
  • 12 LED light bases are suitable for portrait and 15 LED light bases are suitable for landscape.
  • The laser engraved 3D phjoto crystal is best viewed with a dark background, or on a crystal light base.
  • This extra large 3D photo crystal block is designed for your wedding photo crystal package with a beautiful light base.
  • It also can be used for engraving 3D crystal models and corporate crystal awards.
  • Satin-lined complimentary gift box included.
  • If you order personalized crystal engraving, you can either upload your photo/image during the ordering process, or email ( it to us after order placement. Text and special instruction can also be entered during the ordering process or through email.
  • It is important that you CHECK YOUR EMAIL frequently since we will send you the layout for your review before we put it into production. After two attempts(in 48 hrs) to contact you through email, we may proceed with the production without your approval.
  • Please choose the photo you like before sending to us. We offer one free layout and can revise it to your satisfactory. However, you will be charged $5 if you decide to change to a different photo after we send you the layout.
  • For 3D engraving, the best photos are front-facing photos (portraits) with minimal headgears. Headshots are busts (chest and up). 1 headshot is one person, and 2 headshots are two people in the same picture.
  • LED light bases are highly recommended for enhancing 2D or 3D photo crystal engraving effects. We have light bases either producing steady white lights, or modulating multicolor lights. Some are battery-powered; others have wall adaptors included. Please check their product pages for details.
  • We can pretty much handle all the popular image file formats with such extension as .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .tif, .tiff, .bmp, .gif, .pdf, and psd. The quality of the personalized photo crystal depends heavily on the original photo quality. Good photo quality (resolution, contrast) is the first step to ensure the desired results for both 2D and 3D photo crystal engraving.
  • Our standard personalized photo crystal engraving production time is ~3 business days after layout approval. Delivery via USPS Priority Mail takes 2~3 days per USPS. Please allow 1-2 extra days if you order 3D personalized engraving. For orders with light bases only, we normally ship them out the next business day.
  • We accept major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and AmExp) and PayPal. For international orders, only PayPal is accepted and actual shipping fee will be charged. Please contact us through email for international orders since our online ordering system is for US domestic use only.
  • We make every effort to create the finest personalized photo crystal gifts possible. Our personalized 2D or 3D photo crystals are made in and shipped from the United States. For more information, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.
(Light base sold separately Scroll to related light bases)

Suitable lightbases

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