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Octagonal custom photo crystal with base - XL

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Octagonal laser engraved photo crystal with base - XL
Octagonal personalized photo crystal gifts B2901-1
octagonal photo crystal wedding anniversary gift
Octagonal laser engraved photo crystal
Product Specs:
Octagonal custom photo crystal with base - XL
SKU: B2901-44-1
Size: 6"x6-1/2"x3/4"
Each: $139.99

Extra large, octagonal, multi-facets custom engraved photo crystal. This laser engraved photo crystal is well received by our customers for wedding anniversary crystal gift, family memory gift, family reunion gift, or birthday celebration crystal gift. No matter if this is for your wedding anniversary, Valentines Day or birthday celebration, you can be sure that your precious memory will be kept for a very long time. The beloved moment will feel more vivid in this personalized photo crystal as time goes by. Due to the crystal thickness of 3 quarters of an inch, we do not suggest 3D personalized laser crystal engraving, for which you can browse the section on 3D Crystal. This finely polished octagonal photo crystal has multi-faceted edges, and is permanently attached to the crystal base. Suitable light bases can be added to enhance the viewing results. Please scroll down this page for the suitable led light stands.

Octagonal custom photo crystal with base - XL
  • Extra large, octagonal, multi-facets with base.
  • Size: 6" width x 6-1/2" height x 3/4" thickness (Height includes base).
  • Crystal base is firmly attached to the crystal.
  • The laser engraved photo crystal is best viewed with a dark background, or on a crystal light base.
  • See "Add Light Base" section below for suitable light bases.
  • Complimentary gift box included.
(Light base sold separately except Package Deals Scroll to related light bases)

Add Light Base: The visual effects of the engraved laser photo crystals can be improved by using proper crystal light bases or turntables, through which image contrast enhancement can be achieved. For this piece of laser crystal, the suitable crystal light bases and turntables are as follows.

Suitable Lightbases

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