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Shell laser engraved photo crystal - XL

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laser engraved Shell 3d photo crystal gifts, XL
laser engraved Shell photo crystal XL 1
laser crystal engraving shell XL 2
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Product Specs:
Shell laser engraved photo crystal - XL
SKU: N2925-55-1
Size: 5-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 7/8"
Each: $156.65 $93.99

A 15th wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with personalized 15th wedding anniversary crystal gifts. This extra large shell, multi-faceted photo crystal is very popular as a personalized crystal gift for wedding anniversaries. The example on the left is to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary, which is the crystal gift of their 15th wedding anniversary for her. This special moment during their marriage means so much to the couple. And it is laser etched inside this beautiful photo crystal along with a personalized message. What an amazing gift! I am sure that it will be treasured for a long time to come. Personalized wedding anniversary gifts should be meaningful and that is just what we offer. We have a large selection of 2D or 3D photo crystals. To enhance the visual effect of your crystal gift, there are multiple suitable LED light bases available for each crystal gift at Ucrystal.

Shell laser engraved photo crystal - XL
  • Extra large, Shell, multi-facets without base.
  • Size: 5-1/2" width x 4-1/2" height x 7/8" thickness.
  • The laser engraved photo crystal is best viewed with a dark background, or on a crystal light base.
  • See "Add Light Base" section below for suitable light bases.
  • Complimentary gift box included.
(Light base sold separately except Package Deals Scroll to related light bases)

Add Light Base: The visual effects of the engraved laser photo crystals can be improved by using proper crystal light bases or turntables, through which image contrast enhancement can be achieved. For this piece of laser crystal, the suitable crystal light bases and turntables are as follows.

Suitable Lightbases

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